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Thread: Critical Damage Comparions: There is no soft cap above 200% cdmg

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    Great find Zhu! Those results speak for themselves.
    I see a scientist in the making.
    I have succumbed to the insistence that I must have a character profile. So here you go.

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    Zhuai what is your total CD with Forcecalibur wep? The best test would be to have an FS do damage testing with splinter and grenade cuz both skills add 100% and 50% CD respectively. Personally, I have noticed diminishing returns as I go higher than 180cd (280cd with splinter and 230 with greande). Initially there might be a really high spike in CD then succeding hits gradually stabilize at lower levels. It may be a soft "throttling" of CD damage by cap or as you said, the target maybe progressively developing CD resistance. Which one is which, that I dont know, need to go out and test some more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KonaKona View Post
    Zhuai what is your total CD with Forcecalibur wep?
    I had 213% cdmg in non aura. Including Aura and swapping ring/pet I can achieve 250% which may be closer to fs operating range. However I did not investigate further due to lack of time (busy) and the result I got suggest steady increase above 200 which is just what I wanted to know

    It is interesting to find out if the soft cap grow further tho. From my result so far it does suggest the diminishing return you mentioned. I am not sure how you perform your observations but make sure that min damage variance doesn't come into play. I used magic skills which does not vary and specifically look for specific mob and lvl to ensure all parameters stay the same.

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