Hey guys, i'm a new player like level 30 so far as a warrior and I request some help from the community. I've looked many times for skill build guides but I am quite confused on what skill to get rid of, to keep, or to get. Since I haven't seen a guide with a specific region of level where the skills are required, I was wondering if someone could make or give one to me?

For example:

"Level 1-10
Impact Stab = 8-9
Flash Draw = Useless, you can remove it at level (#)
Power Stab = 9, this skill is required for a long time until level... (#), you can get rid of it."

"*Level 20s, get this (Skill) and remove this (skill).
Heavy Slash = 5
Press Impact = 10"

*This is not the real guide, it's only an example of how it can help me or others as well.

If you can help me, it would be very nice of you. Thanks a lot!