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Thread: Daily Mini Event - Hall Of Fame

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    [GM] Aries

    Daily Mini Event - Hall Of Fame

    Daily Mini Event Hall Of Fame

    The Daily Mini Event Hall of Fame is our way of commending the most dedicated and competitive event participants. The following players have continuously utilized their talent to consistently achieve victory in our Daily Mini Events. Here, we proudly display their impressive achievements.

    Combo Event

    Combo Event Hall of Fame winners must achieve victory in our Combo Event a total of SEVEN times. The following players are true masters of precision, gifted with lightning-fast reflexes. They have been rewarded with a PERMANENT item of their choosing, selected from the Combo Event prize pool.


    • j00bacca - Venus - Ring of Fighter +10

    • Pakrash - Mercury - SIGMetal Epaulet of Fighter +7

    • Newage0 - Venus - SIGmetal Epaulet of Fighter + 7

    • Athian - Venus - SIGMetal Epaulet of Fighter +7

    Stay tuned to this thread for future updates, as we add additional Hall of Fame Champions! We would also like to give an extra special congratulations to j00bacca, our very first CABAL Online Daily Mini Event Hall of Famer!

    Stretch out those fingers and let the games begin, goodluck!


    CABAL Support Staff
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