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Thread: Class Suggestion

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    Class Suggestion

    Class Suggestion

    sorry its so long, I'm just trying to give the best of description i can

    Why spend so much time making new quests and weapons etc but leave Classes. Dont get me wrong this game to me is ONE OF THE best MMOs I have ever played. The company keeps it WELL maintaned

    Water Dwellers
    There armour can be numerous types of armour but all the armour and/or outfits have water running though the suit(animated) and if people like complication than here is this for you

    When this class first starts out they have 50hrs of water, basically after that 50hrs is up (say level 10-20) than every 24-48Hrs you have to find water and even walk through the water, so bascially what this would do is, with your suit empty(no water) you will hit less/lower and maybe have less hp(20% less) with the water running through it gives a 40% bonus in all your stats.

    There weapons would be like water weapons such as: Tsunami Blade,Tidal Blade,Rain Blade. This class has the possibily to use other weapons....Warrior and BLader but when the water Dwellers use there own water blades then it gives an extra stat bonus(w.e u choose)

    Some of there skills: Water based skills etc: Pouring Rain,Tidal Wave,Flood,Leak A description of each skill(best I can)

    Pouring Rain-basically unleash a storm of rain that rushes down on the target at high velocity and damages the enemy for 30% of base att

    TidalWave-A wall of water(like a tidal wave) that would drown the enemy in water thus dealing 60% of base att(or w.e ESTsoft likes)

    Flood-Almost same as Tidal wave but instead this skill would pushback the target say 15M(ESTsofts Decision)

    Leak-Basically just damages the target and causes them to loose MP over time(mostly for PK/mission war etc)

    Earth Dwellers

    Bascially everything is the same but these guys are Earth based

    Weapons-Sky Blade,Lightning Spear(really all i can think of)

    Armour-Just Brown Armour with Hurricane or Tornado effect


    Skill Description
    Earthquake-Just as it is, causes the ground to shake dealing massive massive damage(high level Req)

    Tornado-Throws the target in the air causing damage than target falls and deals more damage thus in the end dealing a total of 500damage(ESTsofts decision)

    Shove-Sounds cheezy but thats the point, bascially grabs pieces of ground(non animated) and shoves them at targets at very very high speeds

    Fire Dwellers
    This class is Fire based.

    Weapons-Blade of Great Fire,Blade of unstable fire(cant think of many weps)

    Armour-The suit of great Fire, an orange and yellow suit(looking like fire)

    Skills-Flame Shield,Flame Wall,Forest Fire,Hidden Flames

    Skill Description-Flame Shield surrounds your player or a targetted player with a shield of flame taking 30% of damage each hit.

    Flame Wall knocks back enemy and instantly throws a flame wall infront of the enemy causing them to take massive damage as they move forward.

    Forest Fire attacks 2-5 enemies in a set amount of radius(ESTsoft)causing great damage

    Hidden flames you attack but wonder why didnt it do nothing... out of nowhere and BOOM the enemy get attacked from a hidden flame. The longer the flame stays hidden the more damage it deals.(staying hidden a different time is hard to script that I know of.

    Sorry to make it SOOOO long I just think this game could finally use new classes, people have gotta be getting bored of playing the SAME class ALLLLLLL the time.

    Give your feedback to my idea or even support it anything is great. Heck even suggest more ideas
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    the challenge to leveling comes at the higher levels id say 120+?. I would bet 10 dollars that if the GMs raised the exp requirements you would be one of the first people to complain about it being so hard to level.
    I liked the class ideas but where is the fire and air classes?

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    You wrong. I wouldnt complain. I played this game for 2years, I got a lvl 62 Blader and a 52 Wizard and it didnt take me nearly as long as it shoulda to level them.

    MMORPGs that give u a challenge and complication to understand it is awsome. It makes it more interesting.

    The Earth Dwellers cover Air.

    But whats the point in this. People tell me there good ideas but need more description but they said that when i didnt have as much as I do now.

    Now i have LOTS of description and now nobody reads them, wth
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    People need to learn this: This game has been around for 7 years in Korea. If they've not added/ altered classes in any way in that time frame, they're not going to now. That's also why they have the 2nd one in closed beta in korea too.

    This game has a set historical background within it that explains all the classes, but since no one reads the quests, they have no idea what that is. There is reasons why the classes are how they are.

    Also, ppl get tired of "new class" idea/suggestions, hence why: "Now i have LOTS of description and now nobody reads them, wth"

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    if you want new class go play another game simple.

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    You know you people dont need to be so stuck up and selfish.

    I gave a class suggestion with detailed description and if u dont like it than DONT COMMENT.
    Theres no reason for you to start being stuck up. The classes dont have to be put in never said they had to it was a SUGGESTION, so that anybody could use it or if ESTsoft likes it they will put it in.

    But there is NO NEED for people to start being selfish about it.


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