Countryrock18 [1:42 P.M.]: Ok, yeah, I'm screwed up. And I don't think I'll ever really be happy. I don't think real happiness exists. And seems that it turns out we had managed to hurt each other then. The closest to happy is hope for me. Hoping that maybe there's something in life that can get real feeling that is more than just pain.
xXxtremeMindsaw [1:45 P.M.]: I've never though ive say this cause i had true feelings for you, and u kno i never hurt ya cept maybe the distance is prob eating you up inside but alot of relationships ppl go for wht they want and work like a couple, u on other hand is hard headed, but now but yeah you're one sick chick. Not to mension who cuts themselves, and tried to kill themselves slicing wrists etc.. Keep that on ya conscious you sick dilouted evil bytch, and stop pming me tryin to get me upset ill just wind up going on my pc instead of my brothers and login into ur facebook acc and erase it cus the email is mine that made u ur acc, then ur sorry ass will QQ all ova place stalking my cell phone.. i know how u evil bytches are..
xXxtremeMindsaw [1:50 P.M.]: you ovious, you told me how you use too cut urself scars and such.
Countryrock18 [1:50 P.M.]: Yeah I have scars.
xXxtremeMindsaw [1:50 P.M.]: from cutting urself
Countryrock18 [1:50 P.M.]: But clearly you never really paid attention to what I had said.
Countryrock18 [1:51 P.M.]: I never intentionally cut myself for fun, i tried commiting sus. And i used to burn myself from my anxiety and all the other I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥ in my head that got to make all my thoughts turn into white noise.
xXxtremeMindsaw [1:51 P.M.]: You make no sence chick u cut urself on purpose u sicko, an actually ive have, an still have all the old convos of us on mindsaw1376 acc in emails from first time we spoke to last, then u stopped comin on stickam an i left net to begin with for few months
xXxtremeMindsaw [1:52 P.M.]: and thats totally normal!
Countryrock18 [1:52 P.M.]: For a depressed teen, yeah.
xXxtremeMindsaw [1:54 P.M.]: Well wonder why ur depressed, look what ya do u hurt ppl for a living.. to ur last statement states it.. " That's the purpose of life. TO I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥ you over until you die. Some manage to die before the body does."