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Thread: Transferring accounts

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    Transferring accounts

    Hey, so i really want to start playing cabal again and idk how to transfer my acc from OGP to estsoft. what do i do? how do i transfer my acc? can i still transfer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by [GM] Lorkan View Post
    If you wish to transfer your OGP account/character/s, kindly provide the following.

    OGP ID:
    *** Please attach a screenshot of the email from OGP (must include your OGP ID and Email) ***
    Character Name/s:
    Character Level/s:
    Battle Style of your character/s:
    Server :

    Please ensure you have sufficient slots on your account for the transfer.

    Screenshot details:
    Please go to www.ogplanet.com request a new password, OGP will then send you an email with a new password. This email should contain your OGP ID and your OGP email. Please take a screen shot of this email and send it in a help desk.
    Submit to HelpDesk

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