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Thread: Old Chaos Arena

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    Old Chaos Arena

    Might i say that the old CA's were probably THE BEST part of cabal back in the old days. Having everyone gather in channel 5 BI near the sign was just an awesome feeling. Spam clicking the billboard, tryign to be one of the first 30 players to get in was also fun. Ofcourse forgetting that you did not yet craft(buy) a key, when the CA opened, was upsetting. As everyone enters you will see people dancing for that last bit of sp they wanted before they hid in the glitch corner of the opposite gate. Or better yet skilling on the gate because the "dummies are free for everyone to skill on" patch hadent come out yet. As the gate falls you see noobs dashing to all directions of the arena. Occassionaly you see that one "super noob" pull a leroy jenkins and die right off the bat. Lvls 30-60 Chaos Arena's were the best. It was the only time i saw FS's using ther bm1. There duty was to tank and basicly do all the dmg that everyone else wanted to do. In the end only stands ziggy and about 10 or so characters (not to mention all the waves of mobs that couldent be killed). The hardest part was yet to come, luring. One by one cabalians fell to the wrath of ziggy and his men in an attempt to lure him to the glitch gate. Once lured, it was time to unleash your inner fury you had been storing up just watching your fello friends die. "BM2 Up!" ... It was over. You had slain the mighty boss and it was time to optain your prize from the "oh so glorious" chest that everyone was now rushing to get to. With your ucm in your inventory(that was worth so much to you at the time) you look around the arena for one last time(until the next CA ) only to see leyor jenkins dead body watching the whole thing.

    +1 this thread if you would like EST Soft to bring back the great memories we all had.
    P.S. comments are welcome ,just not about my grammer
    -TWKYLord, Venus

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    hi twky, i misses u. and i preferred ch8 ca since u can pk lol (used to anyway)

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    ya i never went to chan 8 so i wouldent no about pking

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    i remember there would be 2 trans in one corner wrecking everything
    like 10 a. experts in another corner struggling to keep up with the mobs
    and a separate party in their own corner doing decent
    then the rest of the arena was just noobs running around xD
    but i dont think there was a chest, it was just a flurry of drops after you killed the boss

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    your right i forgot about that

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    +1 ahah that was the best

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    +1 I miss those days. R.I.P. With ChocolatePickle!

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    +1 was nice ca and with better drops and exp ap

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    +1 i remember when i went to ca1 with the very minimum level requirement and just sat outside the arena like a I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥ and waited for the trans people to kill everything XD i miss it lol
    --- Work in progress

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