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Thread: Noob and need help

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    Question Noob and need help

    Im a new warrior and the biggest question i have is how spend my character points, not my skill points. Should i follow the stat requirements pattern until im lvl 180 or just do it till lvl 50 and do my own thing. and im looking for a pvp type of warrior.

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    Follow it till like 50 or 60. What ever level it stops, forget when. Then simply get the stats you need for your gear. So sense your a wa, look at forci armor/gs or daikatana, which ever you want to use, at +7 and set your stats to that then put everything else into str.

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    A good warrior need a lot of streght points , so think on what for warrior you wanne have.
    It shoot be also possible that you prefer to have more defense so think on what you wil need it for.
    I prefer max hitting , so streght points.

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    As far as stat points go, for WA you get the same defense from 1 point of dex or str. str gives more attack per point though, so you should always pump everything into str. get the minimum requirements for your gear and your stat requirements, and then everything else goes into str.

    If you have questions on stat point allocation, I'm assuming you'll wonder about upgrade skills eventually too, so when you reach that point you should get HP, both attack ones, both defense ones, and either defense rate (since that's a WA's greatest weakness in mobs and dungs), or MP if you want to try to make yourself immune to mana freeze from forcebladers. Keep in mind however, that just the mana upgrade wont give you enough MP to be MF immune (although at a very high level it might. not sure exactly). hope this helps
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