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Thread: Tips for my gears.

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    Cool Tips for my gears.

    Hey guys, so theres been a lot of controversy over what items i should be wearing as a Force Blader. Items as in Katanas and Crystals along with rings. I want to know which of these items prove more dominant in PVP.

    40% CD REDOSM Katana +15 vs 20% + 3% SSA FORCY KAT +9
    Now with these two items, i've been getting a lot of different feedback, saying that attack damage is greater than Crit Damage. I can see why that maybe true.

    Ring of Fighter +10 vs Critical Ring +2
    This also is very confusing, i know as FB's we rely on CD but some say the extra attack is far greater than the 5% CD that attaches with the Critical Ring+2

    So far for accessories i have...
    1x Merg Ring
    3x Crit Ring +2

    And for Weapons i have..

    REDOSM Katana of Fatal + 11
    40% CD

    Topaz Crystal of Fatal +9
    40% CD

    I have yet to upgrade them to +15, im currently waiting for the safegaurds so i can successfully achieve +15 with minimal loss.

    But yeah, any input on this matter would be of great help.

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    keep the 40% cd ones and try to +15 when u can, and use rof+10's, or maybe 2 rof+10's and 1 cr+15

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