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Thread: (TCP/IP Ping Command)

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    i have done that now, now i am going to go on Cabal and see if the message and stuff still pops up..personally i just dont want to wipe of this computer!!

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    hmm try TDSS Killer and SuperAntiSpyware. Between those 2 you should have no problem removing the malware, just create restore point before you use them, that way you can always just get back to where you are now.
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    ...thnx for the help.. i just restored it -.-

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    mmk, the ping.exe isn't open anymore then? no more tcp/ip message?
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    ....it just started again..honestly im about to burn this computer. video's r playing in the background..and i cant even see it.. in the Tab.. and clicking sounds and ping.

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    Lol, what did you do? Restore to earlier point or?? I would either a) use anti-malware/rootkit scan and clean whatever infected files, or b) format the drive and reinstall windows.
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    lol yeah i restored it to an earlier point.. help me with option B. idk how to do that, and will i lose all my files?

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    Quote Originally Posted by antwain View Post
    lol yeah i restored it to an earlier point.. help me with option B. idk how to do that, and will i lose all my files?
    With a format you do loose the files/programs installed, as you just use your windows disc to install fresh copy of windows; however there is plenty of solutions to that, for example if you have a big enough hard drive, use it like I did, I have 500gb one that I partitioned into 2 separate drives, You can view your h/d space using diskmgmt.msc command, or just right click computer and goto manage, then click disk management. Your using XP so it won't look exactly like my window, but for example with the 500gb drive I have hooked up, i just partitioned 40gb of the 500gb for a separate drive, then dragged whatever files n stuff i needed to the G: drive from the main boot C: drive...

    Example of 500gb hard drive with main boot [C:]425gb and then the new volume [G:]40gb:

    Im assuming you could do similar if you have files n such you don't want to loose from a format, just make sure you have some free space on your c:, then open the disk management and right click C: and click "shrink volume" then enter the amount you would want to shrink the disk by, that will create a black bar with the amount you freed and be listed under "unallocated space", just right click that and goto "new simple volume" and use that wizard to create a new logical drive that will then show up on your computer when you goto the drive, it should be around G, depending on how many drives you have, such as hard disks, cd drives, dvd drives ect... Don't erase anything just shrink main volume and that won't hurt anything, and you can always expand it back into that original drive without bothering any of the data.

    Keep in mind a format using windows disc will erase all programs ect, thats why I was explaining how to make a separate logical drive in your hard drive, so you can move whatever files/games/programs you downloaded but don't want to re-download again...Honestly I would think running malwarebytes and the other anti-malware/rootkit programs would be a bit easier and quicker then creating a new drive n using windows disc to re-install after dragging all teh files ect you wanted to keep...
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    lol yeah i will try the 2nd idea.. When i use TDss killer do i extract all file or just run.. the first time i ran it.

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