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Thread: Block Illegal Chat

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    Exclamation Block Illegal Chat

    We all see ppl in ch.5 & ch.1(mercury) & ch.8 & ch.1 (venus) writing in the normal chat in bi about illegal sites that's why we block normal chat when we come near bi town.....so why u gms don't block those ppl or even delete their charachters and make us happy while we play cabal and belive me alz buyers didn't know they can buy alz until these words are said in bi (256981:go to www.anything.com and get 100m for 11.9 USD you will recieve it in 10~15minutes)maybe this will be a solution to atleast not increase alz buyers

    GMs plz take actions and respond to us

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    Thats been an ongoing issue. I remember GM Kalaydrah would try to patrol the market spot in BI. He did try to block them but the spams keep on coming back. I think its beyond their powers to stop them. LOL
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    when u ban them they will just make a new account, if they ip ban them they will just change their ip. Its not possible to completely stop them other then people not buying from them..

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    The problem is not the reoccurring nature of the spammers, but the ability to hold supplies on accounts to sell, if you ask me watching major accumulations of alz supply into low level accounts should be flagged/watched. No they will never beable to perm. ban spammers, given the amount of IPs they can use contrasting to GMs time ingame to ban them...just not going to happen.

    Anyhow they are still gathering supply, there must still be a demand for it or else they wouldn't be here anymore.
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