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Thread: skills

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    ok ive gone through some quick searches on warrior guide over the internet..

    the first thing i got was, taking whirlwind to lv9

    second was,seismic wave to lv9

    keeping rolling crash for pve..

    i question is why shouldnt i lvl WW to lv20?same for SW...and also why should i keep RC?

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    also is it true that warrior crit cap is 35%? is it crit rate cap or crit dmg cap?

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    http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.ph...WA-setup-guide ... for skill setup. you don't put those skills to lvl 20 because the cooldown time will be too long.

    and as for that other question: crit rate and dmg are the same for WA as every other class. base 50% max crit rate, base 5% rate. and crit dmg is the same as for every other class too (bar FS with their buff)
    --- Work in progress

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