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Thread: Char binds/ Acount binds is the new security

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    Char binds/ Acount binds is the new security

    Think you wont get hacked just because you have never shared your account info, not even ONCE, or visited any unusual websites? well think again you will get hacked, i am sorry to say. I use my laptop to play cabal and i have never visited any unusual sites( I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥ is not unusual). Before i would think that hackers would also break your gears that are char binds, but nope. They don't apparently. My fs still has his full shinguard pc and forci helm. Get char/acount binds now!! Screw sub-pass when i completely made mine super complicated as soon as i heard the mass hacking. Lol this situation is INEVITABLE, unless we get the hackers banned.

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    why go for something suepr complicated when you can go super simple haha.but since i s8 it,im making myne complicated

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    Sorry to say "You've been compromised!"

    It isn't that they have bad security, they don't have enough manpower to provide considering the economy.

    On second thoughts lets just say LOL, we need more Sn0wXz, he is the mastermind of security exploit.
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