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Thread: Couple of dungeon q's

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    Couple of dungeon q's

    in IC1,

    how do u activate the wheel quest or talk to it (after the destruction, healer, etc, ur choice boss, and before the timed weak boss which u need to kill within seconds after hitting the chest of the prior boss)? There's a wheel there. What does it do? Is it a secret bonus quest?

    in Aos2,

    in a party, when I had to go thru the gate again (where the cannibal flowers were behind me), on 2 occasions, my partymate just disappeared and presumably passed thru the gate without killing it. Is there a shortcut here? Killing this gate with all those flowers hitting me still a pain for me. If I kill those first before the gate, it takes so much time. And yeah, the gate disappears for good when u kill it 3x i think. But how do u take a shortcut here? I hope he wasn't hacking.

    this is the spot (after the dorigo hetas)

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    IC1: Its an quest that developers never finished. And i dont think we'll see it working lol
    AOS2: I dont know.

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    In aos2 you can just click the portal that his right under the bridge where the gate is, just like in aos1. However, you cant do it the first time, you have to kill the gate at least once and click the quest

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