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Thread: Some question about building good wi

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    Question Some question about building good wi

    Hi all , i just started to cabal 6 months a go, i have just one char (161 lvl wi ) i dont want to build any other char i want to focus just for this char and make him 180 ((i am not lvling because i dont want with noob item but 180 char )) and very good char, ((and i am not alz buyer or hacker ))

    With all of this information i want to ask something.
    first of all i have
    2xPhery 40 dmg +11 orb ((char bind ))
    Stit. 15/24 +11 helm ((char bind ))
    Sigmetal 7. Amp +11-Hp sloted Suit ((char bind ))
    Sigmetal 7. Amp + 11-Hp Steal sloted Gloves ((char bind ))
    Stit. 7. Amp +10 Boots-Hp sloted ((char bind ))
    K-Red / EoS +7 / Vital Belt +4 /Aop +5 / Merga + Rol 2 + 2x Cr 2
    2xBos +6 / 2x vamp +6/ pet with 2 max.rate-2 cd-1 hp steal / hp rune
    i have 980 attack-760 def without buff

    There is my questions ....
    1-Now i can hit boss at ic1/ 6-7 k critic dmg (in bm 2-with trans skill) average,, can i reach 10 k?.For this am i need to change my orbs?İf yes what i need to buy 40 dmg Sig. or Mith (They are very expensive and my orbs bind item )
    2- i have %53/54 rate now is this ok for build very good wi ? Actually i want 60 rate, building rate easy but how can i reach 60 max rate.i already have 2 max from pet. i can add %3 max. from rune. it makes 57 rate ... i dont want to change my suit or gloves because they are bind item... so i cant built max. rate them... aop 6 too expensive i cant afford that much money;-(( so is there any other way to reach to 60... (maybe more max. from pet my pet can got 4 more slot but i need epic chance )

    3-760 def seems too low for me is there any cheap way to get more def without giving up dmg.(i will buy sigmetal boots )

    4-after making hp rune 15 lvl what i need to first // m. attack-amp-int-def-cd// which one of them important for me ? After them should i go for blended rune or some other rune ?

    5-Do you have any other suggest for me ?

    Sorry for too long writing and forgive me for grammer mistake i dont have good english.İ need some advice about this problems.

    Thanks a lot...............
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    since u using sg 7amp 11, i bet u will have enuf alz to buy topaz 36 cd rite?
    or save ur alz for pher or aqua or higher grade orb with +15.
    ur eq is gud enuf already.
    mind tell me ur sig +11 def?
    my wi using 2 parts +15 st and 2 ros9 can simply reach 800def at lv139 without buff. I wonder y ur def still lower than me. (sorry this is not flaming)
    Reach 10k i think u nid alot cd and 2xtopaz 40cd +15.

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    Obvious show off thread is obvious.

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    ammy of pain + 3 ftw give +4 max rate lol that is what i use since i have 54 also

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    lol low war famer chars.

    u wanna hit 10k? K.

    1) eos8
    2) aop6
    3) sig orbs are NOT that great. at +15 the dif between sig and topaz is 6 maatk.
    u need amp 2 what is ur amp?

    I'm actually 180 o.o

    ~Contra Mundi~

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    1. yes change orbs... phery orbs have such low magic attack, need to get base magic attack as high as possible with as much cdi,rate,amp as possible.
    2. 50+ rate is good, cant wait till i get my 60 rate! can either save up for aop6 for more max rate, get more rate in pet, or get suit or glove w/ max rate but lose current ones in that case.
    3. sig metal boots will help some, however really good vamp will make up for alot of shortcomings in defense, or pray est brings back sgh and +15 sig stuffs
    4. amp rune helps the most, but need more base attack, ditch the pherys. i went m att 1st b/c i got one cheap, amp then hp steal so didnt have to waste ring for vamp (3% vamp is ok, i think 4-5% is best however)

    it would help if you posted all your stats tho like defuze said

    @Defuze: i think sig orb only add like 3 m att bc u have to add like 12 points to dex from int to go from topaz to sig (unless have forci orb or suit or something)

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    Can't believe this thread is being taken seriously....Guy obviously just wanted to brag about his at best average gear...

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    ditch the pherys they arent good just go for 40 dmg topaz

    you should only stick with phery if it is like plus 15 or if it has rate in slot
    2 7 40 pherys > 40 dmg topaz
    if u get a 7 40 helm

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