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Thread: FS help! Expirienced FS players in war and pvp help me out on my gears LvL 16x

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    FS help! Expirienced FS players in war and pvp help me out on my gears LvL 16x

    Lv. 16x SFS

    Osm helm 8 rate 20 dmg +9
    osm suit 7 amp +9
    shineguard gloves 7amp +9
    stit. boots 7amp +10
    merg ring x3 crit rings amulet pain+5 eof6 K RED (no pet yet).
    bof+5x2 drosnin earing x2
    forcy +10 10cdi blade might up to +9 20cdi wat u think?
    lycanus +7 7amp with 17% cdi crystal(kinda dont wanna replace cuz of amp AND cdi combo but if you can give me a good reason i might)=p
    i need help on what im lacking, experienced FS only im mostly gonna be either in war in the future and i spend alot on pvp. should i get more cdi? less cdi but more atk? any good equipment that is a need for an FS? thanks =) money is not really a problem unless your talking bout a forcium 7amp set then dont even bother telling me xD BIG thanks to whoever can help!

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    Try to aim for more cdi.
    20 dmg forcy blade and if you're gonna want to keep that crystal, + it some more so the amp could actually benefit you. (Not gonna hold you back from what you earned.)
    Shineguard has been dropping in price lately so try to lose the s.tit boots as well and replace with shineguard.
    And definitely get rid of that rate helm. merg ring + crushing blade + kred should already give you 47 rate. Try to finish the rate getting a rate pet seeing as you don't have one. Maybe with 2 or 3 rate. S.amp in it would be nice too

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    Thanks for the help =) ill try to find that rate pet =p

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    Merg ring + rol1 + crushing blade + kred should already give you 57% rate.
    Cap is ur max rate. What is your maxrate? 53-57 ? If your max rate < 57% (learn max rate rune (3% max) or get a pet with 2% max rate)

    PC dmg shad tit helm extended (40%helm)(ucm/sem is cheaper than uch/seh) + rol1 are cheaper/better than osm pc rate helm + crit ring 2
    40% dmg and 10% rate > 35% dmg and 8% rate

    In war, if you have legs(15%rate) or aura(20%rate). You can switch rol <-> crit ring to get more dmg.
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    Thanks bro its hard to find a 16% dmg with 1 slot and not char. bind =p unless u know who has them =p

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    Try to find someone who can craft armor shad tit helm.
    I can only do the battle/matial one.

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    dam =p well i still need to learn how fs get there atk to 1000+ while keeping like 170 cdi

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