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Thread: Re-activation required, but not working

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    Exclamation Re-activation required, but not working (SOLVED)

    Hello, for the past few weeks I have been trying to re-activate my cabal account I used to play on. I have the correct login info and everything, but when i try to send the verification to my email, it fails to send validation. I contacted support and they said they went and manually re-activated my account, but this is not the case. At the bottom of the email it said:

    "We were unable to deliver the activation email to your registered email address. If you're unable to receive mail at your current registered email address, we strongly advise that you follow the instructions below for a registered e-mail change. Please note that the following information below needs to be sent to us via our Help Desk. You can access our Help Desk here: http://www.cabal.com/Support/HelpDesk. To protect the security of your account, please ensure that all vital emails can be received."

    I cannot access the help desk because it requires me to login and every time i try to login it tells me to reactivate my account and wont let me get any further. I sent a reply to that email with all my info and new email info to try and change my email on the account, but im still getting nothing. I guess I could try sending the ticket to the helpdesk under this account, but this is my girlfriend's account that i just made for her. If somebody could help me out, please post/pm/email me. I really would like to play this game again. Has this happened to anyone else?
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    Yeah im having a similar issue. I got hacked and changed my account name. I can log into the website using the new account name, but when trying to use help desk or anything else it says you need to transfer or activate your account -.- The account name to log in to the game has remained the same, I think because i havent "activated" the new account name. How do i send myself an email to activate this new name if i cant access the account management part -.-

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    Yeah, really hoping they can sort this out soon.

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    Got through to GM regarding this issue. TY Lorkan for resetting my account to make all parts of website available.

    Hint: Gm's have facebook accounts

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    Pming him on here. Trying, but nothing yet.

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    Can a GM please get back to me?

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    Thank you GM Kato!

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    i have the same problem did u manage to fix yours by now?

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    Please i have the same problem can any GM help me much help wud be appreciated

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