I swear every time you guys "Fix" something, something else breaks.

Here am trying to run a dungeon or skill, Ohh D/C out of now where.

Log back in.. exactly 3 minutes later, D/C again. I have disconnected 20 Times (Yes in-counting) in the last 4 hours.

Like Im happy you guys fixed lag, but I see it came with a price. & That price is what the connection stability.
Before the Maint, I never had a problem w. D/Cing, but it seems everytime you guys fix something, you break another part.

For instance, I use to d/c a lot, then you guys fixed it and brought major lag, you guys fixed that and no its back to d/cing a lot.

I know for a fact a lot of people are having this problem. Im sure there NOTHING wrong w. my ISP or computer. I ran CCleaner three times, Cleared Registry and even did the "Check Files" for cabal.

So please. FIX THE DISCONNECTING with out bringing back lag.
I d/c from any chan I enter, Server is Venus.