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Thread: Force Shielder

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    Force Shielder

    I'm new to the game and thinking about making a Force Shielder. I looked a round and haven't seen a ez to follow guide for a new player.

    Anyone willing to help?

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    Here's just a quick description of how I played my fs.

    FS start out pretty tank so you won't need to worry much about stats just follow stat requirements until lvl50, then use your stats to wear gear.
    Gear wise you want as much crit dmg in ur helm and weps, as much max rate since fs aren't good without crits. And if u can afford amp boots, gloves and suit to cover for when u don't crit.
    Skill wise best to use is cannons and lances to kill fast, u still hit hard without a mfs build. Then when u can get better moves u switch to sfs. (my way of using skills although some people might use swrod skills the whole time.)

    Later when ur trans you can either use a spam combo although some people consider that nooby, or look for a dps combo.

    Ideal stats to get
    Int: 309
    Dex: 204

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    Alright well I really need to work on my Int and Dex then, But I was hoping for a better skill layout lol.. Like most games I've played has guides with the skill names and how many points to put into them. Because I always feel like I'm doing something wrong with out a guide when I play a new game. =\

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    Well the main skills u use don't come til later so for now get lances or cannons to 9. To skill best is impact and magic arrow lvl 9. Then by the time you get trans best is Shield break 9, Shield Splinter 12, Shield grenade 9, With the skills at that lvl its easy for u to spam.

    As for stats make sure u take into fact that each time you skill up u get stats so don't go for tha much stats right away or u'll be over by alot and need extracts.

    Also if I got time i'll post my skill lvls, but for now get magic to lvl 9 and sword moves can go lvl 9 as well although some skills aren't worth getting.

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    Ok,I usually auto my stats,but wind up by the 2nd or 3rd lvl before testing,having extra left.So,should I put them in intel & Dex.?

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    Fs is the easiest char for noobs like you . with crappy gears you could pawn people with decent gears
    *Removed by GM* Troll on the loose

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyfeather62 View Post
    Ok,I usually auto my stats,but wind up by the 2nd or 3rd lvl before testing,having extra left.So,should I put them in intel & Dex.?
    As said, follow the stat progression until you get to about level 50...once you meet your battlestyle stat requirements, put the remaining points in str or dex....only raise int when you need to fit your next higher level gear (usually a helmet as it has the highest int requirements for FS).

    Overall, the way in which you use your points really is based on what armor and weapons you will evnetually want to wear. Lookup the stats of the armor and weapons you want to wear (up to +7), then you know how much Str, Int, Dex you need....the rest of your left over points then should go into either STR or DEX. If you want higher base attack and defense (mainly for PVP purposes), then put the points into strength...but if you want more Attack Rate, Defense Rate and slightly higher Magic attack than what str provides (pts in INT will still give you higher magic attack though), then put the points in dex..and this is primarily for PVE.

    FYI, the max upgrade level on gear use to be +7, when they raised the cap to +12, then again to +15 they never applied higher stat requirements on gear, that's why +7 gear is as high as the stat requirements go. Basically this means if you have the stats to wear +7 gear, you can wear any piece higher than +7 without the need to put anymore points in str, int or dex.

    Anyway, ideal stats have been stated in the post above...that's if you want full forcy gear...if you want Sig or something lower, then stat requirements will be lower.

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