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Thread: Finally got that bad boi !

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    Bro I will be playing again in April! I am not buying a bestbuy POS rig anymore. I am gonna get a laptop from PowerNotebooks.
    Like MJ I'm a team player, so imma fuck her friends too.

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    Thank you, Xi.
    I love my friends ^-^

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    thank you !

    I'm actually 180 o.o

    ~Contra Mundi~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muramasa View Post
    So, to most of you, a nub like doing this isn't an accomplishment at all but to me this has A LOT is sentimental value since about 1 year ago i could not even 2 bar rota... and im 2 lazy to go to its spawn xD

    Enjoy !

    Inb4someonesaysmyDMGI love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥s

    Edit : sorry for the TERRI-Bad quality i just learned how to record ( scrub mode )
    congrats broooooo that welcome to the club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea View Post
    A radical suggestion. You really have to motivate people to either start (or keep) playing this game.
    ^ for ESTsoft

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