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Thread: Dont Know who this player is but R.I.P. DeadMind455

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    R.I.P a friend whom I had never met before

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    From the people who suffer to live everyday to the people that have passed in car accidents,
    God will accept you in his kingdom.
    My condolences goes out to you & everyone that was dear to you!
    R.I.P Cabal friend!

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    Titanium Elyon's Avatar
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    Probably lost
    Rest in peace Chris and love to all his friends

    Elyon 17x FA
    Elycake 180 FB

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    i live on the 7th floor of hell
    R.I.P my friend ill see u again when my clock is up

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    Rest in Peace Chris, you were always a pleasure to be around and captivated all with your comical ventrilo moments. I remember those days back in TheSovereign on ventrilo when Chris would start talking really loud and go almost to a whisper. I also remember when he was accepted into Seireitei and I was happy to have him playing alongside me again. You will be missed Christopher! I pray for your family and the suffering and trials that they will go through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [GM] Lorkan View Post
    Your ability to post is NOT a right, it's a privilege.

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    how did he die


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    R.I.P. chris, you where such a great person and a true friend to everyone you knew. you made everyone laugh and smile who got to know you, I hope you find happieness bro you deserve to be truely happy. we will miss you chris..

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    "Trusting in someone is the same as depending on them. That is something the weak do. I have no use for it."
    "Distance only has meaning in a fight between equals. With you and I, distance holds no meaning at all. Watch... If I do this, my hand is almost instantly at your heart."

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