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Thread: Hey there need a mentor sorta.

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    Hey there need a mentor sorta.

    Okay.. So I am a level 72 blader right now (Don't really know too much about the extremes of the game)
    I'm basically still a noob.. but would LOVE to learn everything about Cabal..

    Need a nice person who's willing to teach me and put up with me asking questions whenever I need to know something

    Can send me a message in game if you want.. My name is SoulsWithin , And I play on Mercury server.

    Thanks to anyone who's willing to help me in advance

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    I would help you but im on server Venus .. You can also send in a ticket to ask question or to make sure something is true or not.

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    skills are the same on either server right? So i can just pm you here correct?

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    Pm TitusAquinalis(I think this is his Ign) He may not know you but he's nice enough to help.

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    There is a TON of info already on this forum. The best thing to do is search and read.
    My youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/tjxs?feature=mhee
    I craft blades, all crafting is free if you provide the mats and will continue to be.

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