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Thread: When i try to send my password to my email account it wont send!

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    When i try to send my password to my email account it wont send!

    Hi i have my username and my email in and it says that they are bth registered in the game but my password for some reason wont work and when i try to send my pw to my email i never get the email giving me my new password or password reset. can someone please help! would love to play the game again! thank you!

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    when they did force password reset, it took almost 3 days for me to get the email i needed, so give it some time, and make sure you check you spam box as well

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    Yeah I am having the same problem. Not only is the email not sending, but I sent a help desk and they were quick to respond telling me to send them my character info etc AND ALSO A PICTURE OF MY STATE ISSUED ID ... I was fully compliant with their ridiculous conditions, and have still yet to receive a response since. (It has been 3 months since I've been trying to gain access to my account)

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