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Thread: is force blader now weak after the update?

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    is force blader now weak after the update?

    im seeing a lot of people in bi and ah selling a lot of epic good fb stuff. are they rerolling to other characters because fb is not going to pawn?

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    FB is the most op class after update. Fact.

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    after bm3*

    I'm actually 180 o.o

    ~Contra Mundi~

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    how is FB the most OP after bm3???

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    Fbs can reach 100% max rate and critical rate in bm3, they lose CD but ur opponent loses the same CD, but fbs have debuffs + aura so they get back some CD back, but ur opponent will be down to half or more of his original CD, Fbs i think is the only class that has a synergy that doesn't lose HP or defense in nw that is crucial, Fbs will ascend to a new lvl of Gods

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    Thats true! How long do the synergy effects last each time you use them??

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    8 seconds, positive synergy stack up 3 times and negative 6 times I think )

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    Quote Originally Posted by 608 View Post
    LOL fail.. u attach wrong pic for bm2..

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    opps bm3 is w/o cry >< forgot to put it bak on

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