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Thread: account banned

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    account banned

    my player was blocked almost a week now send 5 ticket .. and tell me that my account is blocked permanently by someone in my party use hack? I look this full game a long time and never even insult a player got on my WA to lv 171 in mercury server almost 2 years spent almost $ 100 and they feel like they BAN my account if I think I deserve at least some GM message

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    You did get a GM message
    They said u hack lol
    guild leader

    I'm sorry I'm so blunt if you dont like it grow up beating around the bush is for kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetrash View Post
    You did get a GM message
    They said u hack lol
    Like MJ I'm a team player, so imma fuck her friends too.

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    Help desk ticket ~

    Face Book
    don't poke me >:[

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