Well I know this might sound stupid but I was thinking about it a few times. Well there is already pet safty kits, pet sleeping kits and such. Well I was thinking maybe they could make Empty Gift Boxes (works like a pet sleeping kit but for boards/costumes).

Yes I know this might mess up the economy bad because people would be buying them and selling old costumes and old account bound boards. But I mean com'on it's an idea for those of us that have stuff we don't use anymore that we want to get rid of. I was just wondering what the rest of the cabal community thinks about this.

I mean once people sell what they don't want and others buy what they want then, the economy would settle back down afterwards just like it has now.....sorta. Well post what you think about this idea. As I said it was just a random thought I had a few times since I have costumes and a board I don't want myself (that I'd rather not NPC...I know you can get rid of it like that too lmao).