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Thread: Have Reached 52nd but No Helper T quests -- were they removed?

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    Have Reached 52nd but No Helper T quests -- were they removed?

    I used to play back in 2007-2008 on the old game. I remember there being Helper T quests at the cross in the desert. But I have recieved none and clicking on the cross does nothing. I am curious if I missed something somewhere (I have tried to do my quests thusfar but I did do several dungeon runs so you never know) -- I figure I should have started getting them by now and I will end up killing tons of greys if I do not get them soon (assuming they werent removed of course).

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    yes they r removed now.

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    To be honest, they really arn't needed nowadays.
    Just follow the quest line and kill some things now and there.
    That is plenty enough from lv1-100.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travesh View Post
    Hidden Helper T Is Watching You!
    Obviously not so much now.

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    actually the odd circles from them, kept them decently in stock and price in ah, now that that supply is gone, there going to go up in price as the only ways to get them now is purple lamps from t-point shop and cash shop, unless there coming from some place else i dont know about.
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