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Thread: Selling Bunch of Characters - Look Inside

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    Got a 400m offer on the 140 WA with Red Osm GS

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    fa 148 400mil+ transfer

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    Sounds good to me, pm my wizzy (WizzingOnYou) when you're up to doing the trade.

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    cool sent mail be in touch

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    Updated offers and added a K-Red board to the list, as well as rules about costumes and their prices.

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    got your message sent back to wizzing be on skilling pet all day will keep eye for message

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    Just bought fa bro held up on deal no problems at all! Thanks again!

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    Bump. Haven't heard from my Warrior offer, so it might have gone away and available for someone else!

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    Your selling costumes for 10mil a piece? o.o

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    Has to come with a character first.
    For example, the 400mil FA had a free costume because it was over 350mil and he paid 10mil for a second costume.

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