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Thread: Selling Bunch of Characters - Look Inside

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    oh i see. well nvm then. I thought u were selling costumes :P

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    And God said, "Let there be bump!"

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    Le bump.

    The Titanium GS is now +7 and I am +ing the Red Osmium as we speak. I may also run EOD and attempt for the Merg ring in order to increase interested.

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    Oui. Bumpz.

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    100m+ xfer for the wi or 300m+ xfer for the wa i can xfer it rightnow

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    A.) There are two warriors - which one?

    B.) 100m+xfer for wiz is too low. Got people playing with 350m+xfer ideas as we speak.

    I'm logging in; PM Messaline.

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