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Thread: Force Password Reset Q&A

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    Cabal is unable to send the verification email to my email address, stating that the email account is broken, however the account is working perfectly fine.
    I've tried sending tickets to help desk numerous time, however cabal network traffic is always heavy, so none of my tickets went through.

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    so.. you all are QQing about a lack of event.. yet they still havent even fixed the email issue they have.. how quaint... they still wanna put on this charade of 2 ID forms for a goddam account we shouldnt have lost in the first place.. so thank you to all you QQers out there.. learn to make better passwords and logins if you dont wanna be hacked.. because of YOU i lost a perfectly UNCOMPROMISED account. this ID policy is nonsense and ANYONE with half a brain can understand NOTHING can stop a hacker from getting what he/she wants.. your security protocol is failure.. and ended up screwing ppl out of their accounts because you wont fix your email GG EST ... GG
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    is there actually a way to contact cabal or est or w.e -_- cause i feel like calling to get my account issue solved

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    If i actually had two forms of photo ID, that would be fine. but I live in america, and im 17. Who the **** has two forms of photo ID?! its been 5 days, and they havent replied to my ticket. My friend has resent the password reset email 100 times over the past few days and hes not getting the email.

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