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Thread: i dont get it

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    i dont get it

    this is the first rpg game i have have play that dungeon mobs respawn soon after you kill them and that their lvls out match the player's if your char is lvl 80 and the mobs are 125/130 and the whole time your trying to solve the lvl and but instead your trying to stay alive. the dungeon should be solo friendly as well as being in squad. can someone shed light on this puzzling question


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    Well for one, you don't even know what hard is. Lol back in the first year of this game RS was about 5x harder then it is today.
    My advice to you is level to 100, do all your storyline quests so you can pay for your skills. Skill to Transcender. Go farm
    something easy like Epaulet of the Dead until you find something worth selling, then you flip that money and get some good
    gear. It's going to seem helpless at first but if you just keep going and have faith in yourself you will go far in this game.
    Personally I think it's a awesome game and everyone is a noob at first but after you talk with the right people you'll get things
    worked out easily. Join the right guild and they will help you. Let me know if I can answer any more questions you might have, or
    want me to go into detail about something.

    Like MJ I'm a team player, so imma fuck her friends too.

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    yeah im use to DDO and DND im old school rpg

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    oh man u have it easy today in cabal

    back in my day! we had 2 skills both magic and sword separately! and oh boy did it ass! and my god! FT1 the terrors! that place used 2 be hard!

    holy sht i feel old

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