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Thread: Low Ballers

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    Low Ballers

    don't you hate it when you have a set price on something and someone decides to offer 1/2 the price?

    well, i didn't need a character of mine so i decided to put a low low low price , then this idiot said he wanted to pay 1/2 my price because that was all it was worth

    i kindly replied "YOU IDIOT IM TRYING TO OFFER YOU A DEAL NOT GET CRITICISM" i mean a 162 FA with HP rune and merg i don't know the exact price but my price i set it on was 125m+xfer was pretty cheap i think

    I mean if you want to offer a price don't be an idiot

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    Forcium LILCHAOLAO's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    You'd like to know, wouldn't you?
    I love this game. Rofl

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    Osmium brusky's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    SomeWhere Ur Not
    Low Baller Here =3

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    Trainee *World's Boss*'s Avatar
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    In the center of Heaven and Hell
    man ud do the same thing >.>

    One Love One Heart One Destruction Ace


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