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Thread: Most needed char for ft2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athian View Post
    But your talking like everyone can make a full forcium amp group and go. I am being realistic. Your average party needs a WI. Thats the bottom line.
    Same thing as you saying this. Going with no wiz and a noob group is still easier than a trio.

    Quote Originally Posted by Athian View Post
    Ultimately, a WI, FB, WA trio could do ft2 with not to much difficulty. Classes to add to make it faster and easier in this order imo. WA, FS, BL, FA.
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    never thought i would the day that i would "wi not needed" :O

    all honesty i belibe fs is not needed....( fa 2) least not for ft2, but to eacvh his own !

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    well because of bm3 i would think the best party would be wiz,wa and fa.FA for the only reason that their bm3 is just op and cuz buffs combined with wa and wiz would just rock that dungeon,and ofc healing makes everything smoother.

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    obviously a wiz ,, best combination in dungeon wi and a wa
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    The best, and most practical trio, if you had to pick only 3, would be WI, WA, and FB.

    FB hard luck, enervation, and -defense from synergies, help a lot more than FA buffs and individual FA dps does. And root + darkness to top it off makes it more valuable to have than an FA.

    In a WI/WA/FA trio, the FA will keep agro. And unlike wiz, an FA can't move (in aos). Usually, FA won't be able to tank a boss like Leth for the entire 60 second duration of aos, at least not without having to stop to heal themselves.

    FA would be the 4th most useful, after WI/WA/FB. Just as BL bm2 was the strongest bm2 of the 6 classes, FA bm3 is the strongest bm3 of the 6 classes.

    Arguably the best trio before the update was WI/WA/FB, excluding BL even though it was the highest dps, simply because BL had less to contribute to the party. The same holds true for FA now.

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    inb4fabm3hasmostdps imo it all depends on the party, some parties will be strong enough to do without any one char.
    fa (heal, bm3 dps) and wiz (sp?) aren't needed per se, they just make things smoother from my experience.. that would count out bl and fs too, leaving wa and fb the more useful chars for ft2. Wa is obviously the most useful class in ft2.

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