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Thread: A little problem when trying to upload a signature I made.

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    Exclamation A little problem when trying to upload a signature I made.

    I have a problem with the signature I'm trying to upload. At first I tried to upload the sig I made but it reduced the quality of the sig after I uploaded it, making it blurry and such, so I deleted it from my profile. I then noticed it said "Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 500 by 100 pixels or 9.8 KB (whichever is smaller)". The picture I was trying to use as my sig was 728x90. So I thought by making a few adjustments to it to the way I liked it(so that I could make it 500x90), that it would stop reducing the picture quality when I uploaded it from my computer, but to find out it was still reducing the quality of the pic so I deleted that one too. I copied both the uploaded (728x90 and the 500x90 before I deleted them) files to my computer and looked at the size and for the first picture(the 728x90), it reduced it somewhere around 7 kb, and the modified one(the 500x900) to somewhere around 9 kb. I decided to save some other sigs(from this forum) to my computer only to check file sizes. I noticed that most of the sigs were 100+ kb file sizes(I deleted them of course I don't steal signatures). How do you get sigs that are probably more than the 500x100 picture size and more than the 9.8kb without losing the size or quality of it?

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    Don't use the forum's uploading system. Just upload it on tinypic or imageshack and then copy the direct link. Then go to your edit signature and put it as

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    Ah ok thank you it worked. As you can see my signature is here.

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    lol had the same prob, thanks yum ^^
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