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Thread: Coming back to FS and I'm looking for some things.

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    Coming back to FS and I'm looking for some things.

    PVP, PVE and WAR combos,

    Whats skills I need and what level to be.

    Explanation of FS BM1 and what exactly it does (optional, I probably won't use it long)

    Can FS bm2 do the retarget, and how to.

    I'll post more if I think of any,

    Thanks before hand!

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    Shadow Titanium
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    Ok...Poor or badly geared FS's just spam Shield splinter and Shield grenade (both level 9)....good geared FS's (high amp and CD, FS don't have problem with getting high CR) often use a variety of skills based on the target they are fighting...since i'm in the SS/SG spammer group, someone else can help you on those other skills to use as I barely use any of others except sheild ray, shield explosion, shield break and force kick and occasionally rising shot.

    For BM (both 1 and 2), you need very high amp for them to be worth anything damage wise....if you don't have the amp, FS BM's do crappy damage even when you retarget. However, I think BM1 is geared more towards survival as it's secondary effect actually reflects damage back unto the attacker...each time they hit you, they take damage from hitting you and I think it might even repel them backwards a bit (can't remember since I haven't played my FS in a while)....therefore, BM1 is good when tanking a lot of mobs at once. In WAR, I use BM1 + Aura (because can't BM2 with legacy weapon equipped in WAR)....when you have SI (CR/CD resist), FI (helps so you don't get MF'd) and MS (HP of course), you can put a world of hurt on anybody in WAR (even tank 2 players in BM3...if you got high level armor of course).

    Yes BM2 can retarget...easiest way is to go BM2, put autoattack on, then simply target mob, attack, target self, target mob, attack, target self...rinse and repeat until dead or out of BM....do that continuosly after the first throw of the shield....you can wait and retarget after the second shield throw but I've seen no advantage to doing that personally.

    The way I set my BM2 retarget up is I bind target self to numpad 7, bind autotarget to numpad 8 and make sure I'm standing right inside the intended target (so auto retarget always targets them) and do retarget...works very well for me...clicking to retarget doesn't work well when enemies are stacked on top of each other.
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    A level 9 Shield Grenade (SG) and a level 9 Shield Splinter (SS) can be combo'ed endlessly just by using these two skills (I set mine to lvl 9 SG and lvl 12 SS and can still endless combo)
    FS BM1 is...yea dont use in pve -.- use it for war when there are groups of enemies and u need to lay some SG and SS (Since you cant SS in BM2, BM1 > Bm2 in terms of AoE damage capability) BM2 should be used if you want to hit guards or if BM3 is on CD. You can use BM2 to charge into a group of the enemy nation but with only able to use SG/shield break (SB) and shield charge with BM2 normal attack, your AoE potential is limited (But the SG can hurt like hell if aimed correctly)
    BM3 = just annihilate anyone nuff said
    As for PVE, i just spam SG/SS/SB/shield charge eventually stuff dies >_>
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    Thanks guys I appreciate the help!

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    What should I get as my last upgrade skill? I'm 8x right now, I've never used the last slot. but I'm thinking atk rate. I'm missing a lot it seems.

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