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Thread: What to do next...

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    What to do next...

    Currently, on my 137 FA I have:
    -2 RoL
    -Force absorb ring+2
    -Vamp ammy +5
    -2 Vamp Earrings +3
    -2 BoS+2 (slotted) (will have +3 slotted soon)
    -Eos6 (will have +7 soon)
    -Phantom Fera board
    -Belt of Guard +4 (soon to be worn)

    Teragrace Helm of amp (4%) +6 (2 Slot w/crit)
    Teragrace suit of outrageous +7 (1 slot w/HP)(char bound)
    Forcium Gloves of amp (3%) +7 (1 slot empty)
    Forcium Boots of amp (4%) +6 (1 slot w/HP)

    Topaz crys of amp (5%) +7 (2 Slot w/crit)
    Topaz crys of Deathblow (7%) +6 (2 slot w/crit)

    M.att: 802 (831 w/mana condense buff)
    Defence: 774
    M.amp: 40%
    Crit dmg: 88%
    Crit rate: 47%

    I am not much of a PvPer although I don't want to do no damage when running dungeons. I want to be able to run dungeons without worrying about getting killed too often as well. I want to increase my damage while retaining a defence of around 760-820 (higher if possible).

    Eventually I hope to have these as my weapons and helm: 7%amp/20% crit dmg orb, a 36% crit orb and a 7% amp/20% crit helm.
    The problem I have is that I don't want to sacrifice too much defence to get 7% osm or tera gloves and boots but I really don't hit nearly enough.

    What is the next step I should take?

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    If you want to tank more in PVP, the best choices are to + your gear higher, or to buy some gear at higher +, for the defense and hp.

    If you want to tank more in PVE, I would recommend getting higher Vamp earrings if possible. I don't know how far you'll level up, but you will need 140s to wear higher +. Vamp earring 6 will serve you well throughout endgame. If you level up to 150+ (nonstop Art of healing), pve will become easier. If you plan on saying 137, just work on getting higher + gear for defense and hp.

    Offensive wise:

    > Get a K-Red.

    > If you are focused on hitting higher in pve, get an HP Absorb % Rune. At max level it gives 3% steal; this way you can put on an extra crit ring, instead of a force absorb ring, so you can have a little more crit dmg (or m.attack/def if you wear ros). However, this rune doesn't help in pvp so whether you get this sooner or later will depend on how much you like pve.

    > I recommend a 36 cd helm. TG is fine if you don't mind char bind, but I personally prefer osm because osm helms at high + already, are pretty common. It's easier than +ing myself, but you may be luckier than I am

    > High m.attack is important! I really suggest using Forci+11 orbs (or at least one, since you do gain 1 rate from lv.12 astral bow) over topaz, unless you can +15 the topaz. At a low level, high m.attack will serve you well. It is better to focus more on amp and crit damage after you are high level, since you will gain more m.attack from INT and rank-ups.

    > When you are higher level it would be worth it to lose the forci and get 7 amp osm/tg (or get 7 amp sig/forci, depending on your budget). Keep in mind though, having +11 teragrace with 7 amp, is much better than having +6 forci with 3 amp.

    Whether you use osm or forci, which both have pros and cons, the + is important. Many people use forci for pure defense, which isn't necessarily bad, but even forci at only +6, will not give that much defense. And having forci with low defense, defeats the purpose of using forci. That is like using osm with 3 amp; it defeats the purpose.
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    Thanks a lot!
    I dont think I'll be getting a K red because bikes can now be 100x better. I could gain 60 attack and a lot more defence if I do it right (In long term)
    I was considering the Forcium orbs 20% crit but I'm not sure which of my topaz to replace.
    Lastly, what should I do about my gloves and boots? I love the defence but i'm not sure if 3% amp cuts it.
    I plan on leveling this as high as possible as my new main account.
    thanks for the help

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    When deciding what orbs to use, a general rule of thumb is that 1 amp > 2 cd, and the cd becomes better after it rises above the 1:2 ratio. So 5 amp > 10 cd. But 10 cd > 4 amp. However it will vary slightly for each set of stats, and skills (what is best for your combo, might not be best for your bm, and vice versa), so for more specific questions refer to a damage calculator: http://www.cabalc.com/en/

    Looking at both of your topaz orbs, the 27 crit dmg should be replaced first.

    If you really need the defense and are on a low budget: stay with the forci now.

    If you have a moderate budget: try to get osm/tg at +11. (this gives 112/128 defense per piece, and if 2 slotted, can give an extra 100 hp).

    If you have a high budget, aim for sig.

    All of those things can keep your defense pretty decent. In PVE, you can survive with good vamp. (Vamp amulet, and 2x vamp earrings, all as high + as possible).

    Depending on what you mean by pve (since I don't know specifically what dungeons you're running), you may or may not need to worry at all. Even with low defense (I consider +9 osm to be standard, so below that is low), many dungeons are easily survivable at higher ranks (140 for stacked buffs / 150 for nonstop art of healing).
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    Where your not :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandiCoatted View Post

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    The problem right now isn't the defence thanks to the forci. I can easily walk through ic, or even ic2 without much trouble. The problem is I dont hit high enough to get pass bosses on my own. For example, embarrassingly I can't get past the first boss in ft1 unless i stood there healing and doing little damage constantly for like 15 minutes.
    Once again, thanks for your help. : )

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    I'm not sure if things have become THAT much easier, maybe they have..., but I remember a year ago, nobody was expected to be able to solo ft1 until 160s ~.~

    And if you say defense isn't an issue, but damage is, then I think that answers your question on whether you should replace the forci 3 amp or not

    But your dps will be affected a lot more by using higher + forci orb(s), and ranking up.
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    really? o.o
    its not that hard a dungeon, like 140-150 with good gear would do it.

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    Never settle for less than 7 amp piece armor .... If you plan on staying FA ,you will just end up selling it . So why not just aim for 7 amp ... And you can wear vamp gear if you sacrifice defense for m.attack. You wana kill faster remember that . And FA isnt really the solo-ing class , you might just want to switch class to WA

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