My account has been blocked, all friend has been blocked.
Im admin of Forum, fansite of this cabal (

quote an opinion from one of our admin:
Actually round game block account of this EST is unfounded. By two odd:

1 / When ecoins free services, EST always said it does not have any liability for freecoins services and we must abide by the terms of use of the advertising company.

2 / Any offer will always find someone to advertise their company warned that if they detect the use false information to us from OFFER WALL of them or they will get back to my point that their reward.

Hence there is any reason they blocked acc free ecoins game by both services. Li is odd but the GM-style support cabalna then it certainly will not even read his ticket and close as duplicate ticket.
i use Google im bad english.

We know, this GM is working properly, but do this, is there a good affordable, all of us, at this forum, most users of this service (free ecoin), but GM never know, most of where these people know that if you do this, their ID will be blocked?
Even me, I also think that, if the item free ecoin fraud, only that block the free ecoin only.
The message to GM:
- If there is a gift, expect GM to rethink the problem permanently block, because I think that sometimes there are legal leniency, whereas here, people do not know, but people do not know or say not guilty.
- We came from Vietnam, play games on your land, your server, first temporarily, early, IP blocking, we have to fake to connect to the games. Then you open the IP, we are very happy about that. And now, we're having problems with block ecoin series for free. GM Mong grace, help us at this time.
We love cabal, and would help GM.
1 again, sincerely thank

(sorry, most of my writing here all use Google, so my poor english)