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Thread: Need wi Guide Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnotherStylin! View Post
    U must be in cd. Does ur wiz wear +6 aramid and not have the def upgrades or do u prefer to ruin ur dps and fuck over everyone else in the party for fun? And not only that but sc already only has 4 range so what's the point of taking out one of the top 5 bm2 dps skills to get 1 range further away?
    For a war wiz, yes u can keep edc, sc and meteor at 20 but as an all around wiz u can't cuz it fucks ur bm2 up and u will end up needing to use lances.

    thank you for that explanation.

    it can f up ur bm2 especially if u want to keep an 8 range one for war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ankoun2232 View Post
    thank you for that explanation.

    it can f up ur bm2 especially if u want to keep an 8 range one for war.
    level 18 sc met and edc could work but it changes alot in bm2

    but when in bm1 (which isnt as often in war now) it makes a difference but ive always tried to find a balance between the 2
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    My Wizard build guide Not fully completed but hopefully gives you a good idea of how to build a decent Wiz.

    Wizard Skills:

    1. Magic Skills

    At the end of the Combo section I will explain why I put these skills at that lvls and what are the options that you have. But here are the skills and levels that I currently use on my wizzies:

    Terra Lance
    (lvl 20)
    Aqua Lance (lvl 20)
    Fire Lance (lvl 20)
    Freezing Lance (lvl 20)
    Stone Cannon (lvl 20)
    Energy Field (lvl 9)
    Vaccuum (lvl 20)
    Hail Storm (lvl 20)
    Arctic Field (lvl 20)
    Extreme Dual Cannon (lvl 12)
    Meteorite (lvl 12 on my t2 wiz, and lvl 15 on my 16x wix)
    Space Collapse (lvl 20)

    a. Pve stun lock:
    Energy Field
    Space Collapse
    Extreme Dual Cannons
    Artic Field
    (put at end as a filler in case those previous skill don't cool down on time)

    This stun lock series is good for 1 vs many mobs in order to stun/down them and steal HP. You don't need to combo while using those skills. Very bad in 1 vs 1 because it has bad dps (damage per second).

    b. Pve combo vs boss:
    Stone Cannon
    Terra Lance
    Fire Lance
    Aqua Lance
    Freezing Lance
    (as a filler in case this combo doesn't cool down on time)
    Extreme Dual Cannons
    Space Collapse

    c. Pvp combo:
    Extreme Dual Cannons (use at first to raise your chance of stunning the opponent)
    Terra Lance
    Fire Lance
    Aqua Lance
    Freezing Lance
    (could be use as finisher)
    Space Collapse (could be use as finisher)

    d. War combo:
    Terra Lance
    Fire Lance
    Aqua Lance
    Freezing Lance
    Stone Cannon
    Extreme Dual Cannons
    Space Collapse

    I made this especially for my t2 wiz, because pvp combo even though is strong, but very easy to break, especially when you're clumsy and always have lag like me.

    Usually I would throw a Space Collapse at first to stun. Also it hits around 2.5k dmg, so usually my opponent would start running away after seeing that. ^-^ Then I do a normal combo from Terra Lance to Meteorite and repeat until break.

    Also I usually use this combo while pvp with FA or WI with either one of the last skills as finisher.

    e. Bm2 skills:

    Pretty much all of those listed skill throw in together, starting with Energy Field, Space Collapse, Meteorite, Extreme Dual Cannons and then follow by all the skills you have left.

    Skill explaination

    - All of the cannons and lances has to be lvl 20. They has very low casting time and cool down time. In combo, if you put them in lower lvl, you wouldn't re-cast it anyway, so might as well max it out for highest dmg possible.
    - Artic Field, Hail Storm, Vaccuum are only used while you're in BM2, so max it to lvl 20 to bring out its full potential.
    - Energy Field has lowest casting time plus 5sec of stunning, but it has very bad dmg, so only leave it at lvl 9 for stun.
    - Space Collapse is only used for stun or as finisher in combo, so lvl it to 20 to max out the damage given.
    - For Extreme Dual Cannons and Meteorite, you have choices of lvl 12, 15, 18 or 20. Here's why:
    + When pvp, you usually kill an opponent in around 6-10 combos, which means you only going to run through those two skills once (assuming they have same lvl and gears with you). Many people would like to put it at 18 or 20 to have highest damage possible when you run through it.
    + I personally put them at 12 on my t2 wiz (warring tier 2, lvl 109), because on war I usually has to repeat those skills many time, which means I need cool down low enough to not break my combo. Also Meteorite is the best dps skill of wiz, so I want to be able to use it as much as possible.
    + In my 16x wiz, I pvp a little more, so I put Meteorite at lvl 15 for it to give out more damage. But please note that if you combo Tera>Fire>Aqua>Stone>Extreme>Meteor, at the 2nd time when you repeat that combo, Meteorite won't be cooled down. You would have to skip it and wait until the 3rd circle to be able to use Meteorite again.

    2. Buff Skills:
    Hardness (lvl 20)
    Force Increse (lvl 20)
    High Regenation (lvl 20)
    Mass Restore (lvl 20)
    Spirit Intention (lvl 20)
    Resist Intention (lvl 9)
    Raise Spirit (lvl 20)
    Sharpness (lvl 20, This is an optional skill. It does not give WI any good, but sword class people really appreciate it. I have it anyway since I run a guild and do a lot of dungeons with other people)

    3. Debuff Skill:
    Weaken (lvl 20, This is an optional skill. You don't need it, but it's good for dungeon run)

    4. Warping Skill:
    Blink (lvl 9)
    Fade step (lvl 9)
    Dash (lvl 9)

    Thanks to spamming those 3 skills, WI running speed is around 1.5 times faster than other class. It saves you a lot of times, as well as save you in war and pk.


    Stat Distribution and Gears:

    1. Stat Distubution:
    - The main stat of Wiz is Int. The more Int the more Magic Atk it gives you. Dex and Str should be as low as your gears/weapon require.
    - At lvl 109, a perfect stat build for war to be able to wear Topaz Orbs and Osm gears is 57 Dex, 113 Str and the rest of points goes to Int.
    - Remember, at each skill rank up you have extra Dex, Int and Str, which means your Stat would be so high you can even wear battle suit. A WI can never achieve perfect stat unless use Extract Potion.
    - At lvl 50 and above, you should not add any point into Dex or Str. From then on, all points go to Int.

    2. Gears and Weapons:
    a. War Wizard Gears:
    A war WI focus on Booster (such as Amp, Crit, Rate). Also the more Magic and HP the better.
    Gear and Weapon:
    - Amp in boot, hand and suit with HP in slot. Helm could be either Amp or Crit. Some WI also use rate Crit Rate in helm.
    - Amp/Crit and Crit rate in Orbs.
    - The higher HP, Amp, Crit, Rate the better.

    - Amulet of Pain+? or Amulet of Battler+?
    - Three Ring of luck +1 and one Critical Ring+1 or higher
    - Two Bracelet of Sage+? (Earring depend on your lvl)
    - Bike or board
    - Bell of Damp+? or Bell of Prevent+?
    - Epaulet of Sage+?

    b. Dungeon Wizard Gears:
    - A dungeon Wiz can focus on Booster (same thing as war gear), Defend, or become Hybrid.
    - Booster gear like war gives a lot more damage, help killing much faster, but gives very little Def. You die a lot more and it almost impossible to run some dungeons with this gear.
    - Def gear has very low attack and mostly impossible to win pvp or war.

    Booster gear:
    - Exact same gear as war gear
    Def gear:

    - Full Forcy helm, boots, suit, hand , the higher lvl the bettter.
    - Half forcy, half osm/stit amp.

    - Two Vampiric Earring+?
    - Two Bracelet of Sage +?
    - Three Ring of Luck+1 and one Force Absorb Ring+1 or higher
    - Belt of Defend or HP+? (I forgot the names)
    - Bike or Board
    - Epaulet of Sage+? or Epaulet of Guardian+?

    Omg... I'm getting really sleepy...
    I would write more but it will take a lot more time and work. So this pretty much is the basic build guide for WI. Hope you enjoy it.
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    found this a bit useful and confusing xD
    i guess i need to level up a lot more heh

    just started playing :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprite View Post
    why? it's the best lvl to have those skills at. listen to me im pro
    Truly Pro.

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    i like coke better

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    sprite is made by coca cola

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    i think its pretty dumb not to have all your skills at lv 20 with this update the cd on most of the skills is so fast i can literally do EDC, tera lance, stone cannon meteorite and SC all in one combo and still be ready to recycle through it when all are lvl 20 not sayin this is my combo but if you put it that way you can recycle through all your skills with this update my skills are all lv 20 havent had trouble with cooldown..... just saying

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    Yup, pretty much all that's been said about the various strategies for putting skills at 12, 15 and such was made null by the last update. Go 20 for all or go home.

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    anyone else tried this guide
    and try to put 204 dex and 136 str (not mentioning now u can equip xtals that are cheaper than orbs with higher attack rate)

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