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Thread: Where is our daily Viet QQ thread?

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    Nah it's not mass, there're like 95% still playing. (Not everybody know how to be bad ^^)

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    I believe most of the Vietnamese people who got banned here were from global server and the new Vietnamese players. They have their own forum to buy and sell alz in Vietnamese currency that is why some of them got rich so quick.
    I agree not every Vietnamese is bad. Don't stereotype, I am a Vietnamese myself and I have been playing since '08 but I haven't got banned once. I'm still playing my once and only account.

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    This thread is full of win
    guild leader

    I'm sorry I'm so blunt if you dont like it grow up beating around the bush is for kids

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    im vn

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmmersonLazaro View Post
    im vn

    My condolences.

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    megaupload aint u viet and yet u trashin your own ppl sayin they all bad....also u pretended to be pinoy as if pinoy gonna be on viet forums.... lol at trash like u

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    Hello guys, this issue has been addressed in the announcement section already located at http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.ph...e-Coin-Service

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