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Thread: S>182 FA HR16 almost 17 With +15 Gears ,15/24 Helm [] 182 FB HR13 With Gears INSIDE!

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    S>182 FA HR16 almost 17 With +15 Gears ,15/24 Helm [] 182 FB HR13 With Gears INSIDE!

    (SELLING AGAIN COZ I AM Buying 190 Character )

    182 FA HR 16 60% Close to 17
    BM3 Ready

    1.)Skill EXP (MAX)
    2.)PET EXP (MAX)
    3.)MP (MAX)
    4.)HP (MAX)
    5.)Party EXP (MAX)
    6.)Magic Attack (MAX)
    7.)Magic Amp (MAX)
    8.)EXP (MAX)
    9.)Max Critical Rate (MAX)
    200 AP LEFT.

    Character Bind Gears:
    1.)Merg Ring
    2.)+11 Shadow Tit. Gloves 7%AMP with +12 All Attack / 3%HpSteal (Extended)
    3.)+11 Shadow Tit. Boots 10%AMP / 80% (Extended)
    4.)+15 Tera Grace Suit (FA) 7%AMP/100HP
    5.)30 DEF 20 HP Drosin Earrings x2
    6.)Prideus Bracelet 23 All Attack Up with 12%CDI
    7.)+11 Shadow Tit. Helmet (FA) 41%CDI (Extended)

    Account Bind Gears:
    1.)+11 Osmuim Headgear FA 15/24 (extended) c/o 1.7B+XFER by Minhee b/o 2.5B+XFER
    2.)+10 Forcuim Orb 20%CDI
    3.)+9 Forcuim Orb 10%CDI/3%AMP
    4.)EOS +7

    c/o is 4.5B + XFER on the other owner of this FA before in his Post
    B/O is not set (I dont sell over price Stuffs)
    With a decent Middleman. from Sei , Tang , MagicalStar.
    (willing to trade for q Equivalent WI or WA or FS) let me me know waht you


    182 FB
    HR13 BM3 1st Stage with 40 Stain Clones
    74% EXP
    S.AMP (MAX)
    Attack (MAX)
    HP (MAX)
    Max Critical Rate 1
    and other stuffs.

    Shadow Tit. Helm 40%CDI +10
    Merg ring
    +6 Forcuim Katana 20%CDI
    +6 Forcuim Crystal 20%CDI
    +9 Shdow Tit. Suit 7%AMP/50HP
    +9 Shadow tit. Boots 7%Amp/50hp
    +6 Tera Grace Gloves 8%AMP/2%HpSteal

    50HP Steal x2 Drosin Earings
    40 DEF x2 Drosin Earings

    B/o 2B + XFER
    RUSH! NEED ALZ to gear my new Char.

    IGN:Kantutan (FB)
    IGN:Bowi (FA) <---- Currently Using now.
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    hey ZOSI the SCAMMER

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    whatever you say kid. thats why there is a middle man. and for your information zozi is already banned and i am not zozi. thats all i wanna say.

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    kid your not smart you talk exactly like zosi new name your still him its not hard to figure out how you got back you went around and offer people usd for there accounts kid so you can smd cuz im smarter then you.

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    what ever you say boi.

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    dont boi me fool your the dumbest mouse i seen wish i live in cali i would fool you into meeting me and f u up kid.

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    i Mean i dont even care if you live in CALI bring it on! lol

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    lol big man huh you only say that because you clearly read that i dont live in cali zzz

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    send someone here or maybe you know someone send it here ill message you my address and phone no. if you want.

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    i will buy Fa with 4b5 + xfer. if u selling pm me in yahoo pls tinyhstruong it's my yahoo.

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