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Thread: S>182 FA HR16 almost 17 With +15 Gears ,15/24 Helm [] 182 FB HR13 With Gears INSIDE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SellMyChar View Post
    obviously an attempt at scamming me, study the way he talks to prepare yourself for his future accounts.

    also, feel free to spam the shiit out of his email and phone by using telemarketers and such

    and idk if its zozi or not but honestly who cares, he is a scammer and thats all there is to it

    if you actually arent a scammer, find a way to prove it
    thats all.
    Donask can than. No la thang lua dao day. dung mua cua no.

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    lol above, but garbage fa

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    Shadow Titanium
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    hey son ZOSI its me zDumbo nice to see u back game again Watch out !!! ima "F" u in the ear one day soon
    " tell ppl xfer first when ur buying cha and require a middle man when ur seling cha " +> what a good policy !!

    U should know that there is someone out there whos gonna revenge u on what u'd done to them
    GL to ur Selling-Buying Cha business

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