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Thread: Mail/Guild/Buddylist - BIG DELAYS

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    Mail/Guild/Buddylist - BIG DELAYS

    Mail/Guild/Buddylist is glitching for everyone in the game most of the time. Mail OFTEN fails to load and have to Exit game completely. Even with relog or exit won't always work. I am reporting this into BUG forums too.

    BTW, it all started after this date:
    May 7th - May 8th (Extended Server Maintenance)

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    Shadow Titanium
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    Aug 2011
    same with pet too if you put pet in storage and try to take it out it wont let you not all the time but sometime

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    [GM] Kato
    Hi guys!

    If you're both still experiencing this issue, please send us a Help Desk ticket with the following information:

    - Time of occurrence / How often you experience this issue
    - A detailed explanation of how you're encountering this glitch
    - Any relevant screen shots pertaining to this issue

    If you know anyone else who's experiencing the same issue, please advise them to do the same. Once we receive your reports, we'll be more than happy to investigate this specific issue further.


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