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Thread: been hacked...

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    been hacked...

    I didn't give my username or password to anyone, so I thought no point in locking my gear and storage (I guess I should have done it anyway). After a couple of months not playing cabal I log into my account, and almost everything is gone...

    Is there any way to get back my gear? I've already sent a ticket, but I don't wanna wait 5 months to have someone tell me to send another ticket to do whatever i guess i might have missed, and wait another 5 months...

    I searched the entire Q & A forum but nobody with this problem was replied to, so I (and I assume a lot of other people) still need help with this problem.

    And if I can't get my gear back... what do I do...

    For those who help: thank you so much
    for those who troll: ...

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