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Thread: SOLO Maquinas Outpost 1st Boss ,almost half way done

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    Jan 2012
    lol the maximum u can do is 8k2 while i was able to do 8k8. And furthurmore, u used fatal 2. I only used fatal 1 ) i though

    and if ur dgm are so OP, why don't u dealt more damage to quadra in the end

    I was able to do 70%, while ur can only do 30% of its hp, that's the final prove that ur a fail bl.
    Last edited by Lily; 06-10-2012 at 01:32 AM.

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    +1 to cathy and lily's opinions in this whole thread, loki ur the weakest BL that i know, always will be lol, u couldnt even kill me in pk, not for lack of trying tho lol
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    This thread still going on? Almost as bad as Chingu saying hes best FA

    Quote Originally Posted by Lokijones1 View Post
    lol ur funny cathy kuz i would prboly kill u all day n make u eat snow keep asking ur mom for usd to gear up .I am a farmer i spam dungeons ti gear up . and after 4 months of buying vouchers maybe u hit harder but ur still fail as a human being as a character, BECAUSE u have no character( means u have a bad personality) i feel bad for the people that have to put up with u LMAO keep beggin mom for more usd kuz without those and without Safeguards high u wouldnt be shiet and yes only 6 months of playing cvabal for me and i am catching up to pro's that have end game gears without using usd so what that make me ? huh LOL. u need to get session at anger management or u need some love form a girl or a guy kuz something definitly wrong with you ,

    You go bragging about how strong your BL is, ask people to invite you to MO,

    I tell you your BL isn't strong, and this is your reaction? You got some problems.
    Last edited by Cathy; 06-10-2012 at 05:09 AM.

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    koreans already solo'd mo

    better luck next time!

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    To Cathy, QUadra in MO # Quadra at PF.
    And: FA + 25% of dmg bm3 when u hit 1 taget.
    U can try, come MO and bm3 (no aura), hit Quadra and look normal dmg >"<

    Last : good job Lyly =))

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    lol ing xi, why dont you bladers just pvp each other rofl.. see whos the strongest, would save a lot of chit chat

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    This is the same Loki who at level 174, I watched get rocked by a 138 FB in a pvp. Funny thing is, after he lost, he tried to pk the same FB 4 different times and died all 4 times.

    Oh, 3 man the entire dungeon and then get back to me k?

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    First boss means nothing loki.any1 can do that specially bl and fs(it is a class thing)but gratz i guess

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    Popcorn anyone?
    Thanks EST for helping resolve a problem!

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    Fu.ck off CHAVEZ :)
    nice job guys. lol...

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