Ok this is probably one of the unheard of things someone would do in a MMO and forum. Well, I go public with almost everything that happens to me ingame, because I believe that all the weird, sad/happy or good/bad things that you encounter while playing this game should be shared SO YOU CAN GET ATTENTION and BECOME POPULAR! Ooooooooo.

For the fans and for all the support people/ especially friends have given me during my gaming life...Thank you all! y'all be remembered! It's that time for me to move on and focus on the most crucial part of my life - graduating college and earning that bachelors degree, I really want to get it, and you know Miavii can get what she wants, no arguing about that.

So lets get down to what this sh*t is all about.

I am leaving this very fun MMO so I dont need to sell my stuff/character. I dont care about alz unless I want to buy 30% amp pots for stand up duels or get a good score in nw. o.O...im just kidding, well I dont know...kinda.
I dont care about alz...I have no use for it...not even considering selling stuff for usd like some people do. That's a good idea but Im already rich irl..im just kidding... no it just dont sound right to me...pixels for money sounds wrong.

So once again, I came up with a good plan to benefit the FA community that I have supported all throughout my stay..sadly only few have noticed that that's what Ive been doin all these time. (BM3 > Miavii's motivation)

The one last event are two of my favorite things in this game - PK freestyle match and FA stuffs/goodies.

Part 1: PK freestyle (FORCE ARCHERS ONLY)

Im looking for FA's with bad - mediocre gears but have the potential to freestyle. I know there's some of you out there who have good control with your FA's in combat but could not obtain the amount of alz to gain the gears most FA's dream for, so this is an opportunity! All levels are welcome

I have thought of setting up a FA pk freestyle tourney for these type of players. It is going to be freestyle pk not freestyle duel. PK because I believe level, connection speed and gear superiority favors pvp countdown duels NOT PK.

So sign up! I want your IGN's posted here. Ill create the list as soon as I see names. We'll see how many people we'll get and then I'll begin to work on the tournament's bracketology and mechanics.

The Reward: All of my FA ARMORS and ACCESSORIES. Its not the best of gears but its worth something/can improve some of your armor parts for defense.

Part 2: FA Stuffs and Goodies (Open for everyone)

If you love FA, I love you! So this is a forum entry kind of event. I give the contestant the option to EXPRESS whatever he/she wants to honor the FA class.

By sharing us any of the following:

Your own FA Art work
Your own FA Video
Your own FA fanfiction story
Your own FA screenshot
If you have any more ideas to show Appreciation for the FA class pm me or post it here so I can add it

Amaze me, this is the first and only time I will be the judge in of one of my own FA event. There's going to be only one winner! If you want to play FA and you dont have time to grind and do those things. This is an opportunity for you to try FA.

Reward: 181 FA, Hr. 15, with Bm.3 Lv. 1 and decent enhanced runes.