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Thread: Skill-Upgrade or buy new

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    Question Skill-Upgrade or buy new

    Ok,I'm a lvl 40 wizard & I guess I should have asked this before,but,should I just keep upgrading my beginner skills(Novice,I think)or should I buy newer skills when I rank up?For instance, should I just upgrade my Magic Blast or should I change over to Magic Lance,when I get Regular?Would I get better damage upgrading my starter skills or getting the higher rank skills.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thx

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    No, you should not upgrade skills that aren't needed later on in the future.
    I don't know if you notice this but it costs alz to downgrade each level of skill.

    Also there're only some certain skills that you will need.

    Here are those skills that you will need for certain:

    Magic Skills:
    Terra Lance (lvl 20)
    Aqua Lance (lvl 20)
    Fire Lance (lvl 20)
    Freezing Lance (lvl 20)
    Stone Cannon (lvl 20)
    Energy Field (lvl 9)
    Vaccuum (lvl 20)
    Hail Storm (lvl 20)
    Arctic Field (lvl 20)
    Extreme Dual Cannon (lvl 12)
    Meteorite (lvl 12 on my t2 wiz, and lvl 15 on my 16x wix)
    Space Collapse (lvl 20)

    Buff Skills:
    Hardness (lvl 20)
    Force Increse (lvl 20)
    High Regenation (lvl 20)
    Mass Restore (lvl 20)
    Spirit Intention (lvl 20)
    Resist Intention (lvl 9)
    Raise Spirit (lvl 20)
    Sharpness (lvl 20, This is an optional skill. It does not give WI any good, but sword class people really appreciate it. I have it anyway since I run a guild and do a lot of dungeons with other people)

    Debuff Skill:
    Weaken (lvl 20, This is an optional skill. You don't need it, but it's good for dungeon run)

    Warping Skill:
    Blink (lvl 9)
    Fade step (lvl 9)
    Dash (lvl 9)

    Thanks to spamming those 3 skills, WI running speed is around 1.5 times faster than other class. It saves you a lot of times, as well as save you in war and pk.

    This is just a part of it, you can read my full WI build guide here:

    Please remember I made this guide assuming reader is lvl 100+ and full skills and have certain knowledge about skill names. I could make a more detail guide but I don't have the time for it yet..

    Hope this help ^-^
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    Ok,what I did was make a new wizard.What I need to know now is what spells I should have between Lvl 1 & Lvl 20 and does damage go up by upgrading skills or is it based on your intell?Any help will be appreciated:>)

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