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Thread: Let's make a thread that helps people on how to use their bm3 effectively for Wiz

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    Let's make a thread that helps people on how to use their bm3 effectively for Wiz

    I'm a nub here~ So I'm asking people to share some of their knowledge >.<

    I know bm3 comes with regular attacks type A and B, then on the 2nd stage; you get fatal attack 2

    and on the 3rd you get fatal attack 3.

    So we got regular attacks A, B, fatal 1, 2, and 3.

    So which combination of these would maximize the damage on any mob in pve ? what about in nation war ??

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    Can anyone help here o.o??

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    There are 3 combos in bm3, and here is a rough explanation on what you receive on each combo you make:

    Amp Combo: A A B A
    Lose: -300HP, - 300MP
    Gain: 10% Magic Amp

    Crit Combo: A B A A
    Lose: -4% Def
    Gain: 30% Crit

    Debuff Combo: B A A B
    Lose: -400 HP
    Gain: -25% Resist Crit for your opponent.

    Fatal attack is used to activate those combos. You can either use fatal at the end of each combo, or choose a random 2 combos or stack 3 combos together before hitting a fatal.

    For exaple you could do:
    Crit Combo = (A B A A) + Fatal
    and receive 30% Crit while losing 4% def


    Crit Combo + Amp Combo = (A B A A) + (A A B A) + Fatal
    and receive 30% Crit + 10% Amp while losing 300 Hp, 300 Mp and 4% Def

    Basically you can see
    30% Crit > -25% Opponent Resit Crit > 10% Amp
    Which means Crit Combo > Debuff Combo > Amp Combo

    In war however, Debuff Combo target the opponent, which mean whoever hitting the same opponent as you also hit harder by 25% Crit (just like a debuff). Help your nation kill faster.

    Note that:
    - Fatal has no effect on the combo. The only thing it does is to activate combos. So it doesn't matter which Fatal you use. However a Fatal on each higher stage deal more damage by itself.
    - You can stack up to 3 positive combo effects or 6 negative effects.
    - Each effect only last for 8 sec. You lose 1.2 sec for each A or B attack, which means a total of 4.8 sec per combo, plus 2.0 sec per Fatal.

    I personally use:
    (Crit Combo + Fatal) (Amp Combo + Debuff Combo + Crit Combo + Fatal) Repeat.
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