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Thread: Lower warrior skills & skill upgrades

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    Smile Lower warrior skills & skill upgrades

    Ok,I think we need someone to list the warrior skills & skill upgrades by lvl for beginner warriors.I'm a lvl 8 warrior and not sure which skills I should keep,which skills to get when I upgrade skill rank & what skills to upgrade & to which lvl?And yes,I've looked at the warrior guide on here,but it just tells what skills you have as a Transcender.Doesn't help at all except for Impact Stap & Rising Shot.Please help us beginners by listing skills to buy,by skill rank.IE: Novice,Regular,Expert,etc.,etc.Thx

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    you shouldnt worry about skills when youre a low level you should worry about the fact that you have a couple (enough for combo) when you get closer to 90 or 100 is when you should start considering the worth of your skills. when you do get to 100 or so check out nitefalcon's wa guide

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