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Thread: Help needed. Selling whole account. Read for details.

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    Help needed. Selling whole account. Read for details.

    I am looking to get rid of my account as I am quitting that one, but I don't want it to just sit there.
    Lvl132FB- Full Forcy+lyca kat. Decent gear, not epic though.
    Lvl101BL- Amp S.Tit+S.Tit Crit kat/bl. Pretty much deserted this char.
    A few low lvls (40FA and 21WI) Nothing exciting there.

    I am willing to transfer a single char or sell who account, for in-game currency of course. I do not really know prices, so pm me offers and anyone knowledgeable in this area, please feel free to post proper prices .

    My name is TwistingBlades in-game, since I will only check the forums every 2-3 days, so you can probably find me there.

    *People who do not like it, please leave feedback. Thank you. (No restraints)
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