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So you just got your hands on a ring that allows you to steal 2% hp or mp from a monster, what does that mean exactly?
Well...say you hit some monster for 200 damage. 2% of 200 would be 4 right? So this ring would let you take up to 4 hp per hit.
If you were wearing 2 of these rings the amount would stack giving a total of 8 hp per hit.

Sounds easy enough right?
Well, if things were that simple do you think I'd waste my time making a guide about it?

Say you somehow had enough of these vampiric items to make the total steal amount 100%? that would mean that if you did 1000 damage you'd instantly be healed for 1000! what are the chances of you ever dieing in that kind of situation? A monster would have to preform a OHKO to ever have a chance of taking you down and really, what fun is that?

Because of situations like that, the dev's in all their wisdom created Caps for stealing.

There are two caps on the amount you can steal which I'll refer to as Soft Cap and Hard Cap respectively

Soft Cap(skip2soft)

As I've previously mentioned, there are two possible limits to the total amount of HP or MP you can steal from a monster in one hit. This section refers to the first cap.

The reason I call the first cap "Soft Cap" is because it can be extended with other items.

The normal soft cap for stealing HP or MP is only 10% of your actual character level.

So lets say you are lvl 100 and got your hands on a ring that promised you 50% of your damage back in the form of HP (no such item exists, this is just for demonstration purposes). If you hit a monster for 500 damage then you should get back 250 according to this ring. After your successful hit you proudly look up at your health bar and see that you gained a whopping 10 hp. Right about now you'll probably be wondering what on earth is wrong with your ring. The answer is simple, YOU.

Since you can only take 10% or your character lvl in HP and your lvl 100, then the soft cap forced you to gain only 10 hp.

I don't know about you, but I think 10 hp of a promised 250 is a ripoff
That's where another type of Vampiric item comes in. You may have noticed that their are items called vampiric that say you can gain +20 or some other number rather then a percentage total. These are the items I was referring to when I spoke of "extenders". The extenders (as I'll refer to them from this point on) do exactly as their name implies, they "extend" the soft cap limit by the amount they say.

Lets say that lvl 100 character read this post and went out to find a vampiric ring that promises +20. After equipping that item and doing another hit for 500 damage, instead of the 10 hp he received last time, he notices that he gained back 30. The ring did as promised and all is right with the world.

That is until the next section when he tries to increase that limit even further.

Hard Cap(skip2hard)

Our little lvl 100 character was happy for a while with his cleverness in beating the first cap and decides to go even further and search for rings to increase the soft cap even more. He goes to the market and happens upon a shop selling a super rare ring that promises +1000 (once again no such item exists)

He does the math for a sec and realizes that +1000 would mean that if this item was combined with ring that stole 50%, and he did another hit for 500, then he should get back the full 250 promised by his first ring.

Yep, he can never be beaten with an ability like that and our little lvl 100 dreams of total pawnage in PVP. Yep yep "no way can I ever die again" he thinks, "not even if I challenged my lvl 170 buddy to PVP" he thinks. After all he can heal while his buddy cannot (no pots are available in pvp)

Our little Lvl 100 does just that and, as you would expect from a 70 lvl gap, gets his arse handed to him on a silver platter.

After the mega butt whopping he took, he decides to do a test to find out what went wrong and goes back to smacking some poor monster

He hits it for his typical 500 damage and looks up to his HP bar and see that he only gained 50 hp?!

"OMGWTHBBQ Biskets and Gravy ONLY 50 HP!!!" our little lvl 100 screams aloud while running in circles as a crowd of people walk by, staring at him as if he were nuts.

Poor poor lvl 100, this is where the hard cap comes in.
No matter how godly his equips are, no matter how many he managed to put on. Even if he somehow managed to double is normal 500 damage to 1000, all he will ever get back is 50. Lets take a look at why shall we?

Upon closer examination of his HP bar we see that his max HP is only 1000. Wow...our little lvl 100 is kinda wimpy isn't he?

"Shut up you stupid, all knowing announcer. Besides, what does that have to do with anything! if I could steal the full 250 I was supposed to that wouldn't matter" says our poor wimpy lvl 100.

Well unfortunately for you poor wimpy lvl 100 guy, there is another cap which I referred to as the Hard Cap.

The hard Cap says that no matter how much they would normally be allowed to steal, they can never take more then 5% of their max HP. So since his max HP is only 1000 *cough* wimpy! *cough*, the max he can ever take is 50!

Our poor lvl 100 guy doesn't look too good does he?

Well, that's it folks lets all resume our pointing and laughing at our little wimpy lvl 100 shall we?

A bit more Info(skip2more)

After a good hardy laugh at our poor little wimpy lvl 100 guy we decide to check back in to see if anything has changed.

"isn't there anything I can do to gain more HP per hit oh wise announcer guy?"

Well mister wimpy lvl 100 guy, the answer to that is a big MAYBE

"WTH?! what kind of answer is that?!"

Well try attacking those two monsters over there at the same time and you'll see what I mean.

After mister wimpy's trade mark skill of 500 hits both monsters he looks at his HP bar and see's that he gained 100HP

"WOOT!!, I don't know what weird announcer powers you used but TYVM!!!!! Time to go and get revenge on my lvl 170 buddy"

Our poor clueless wimpy lvl 100 guy just doesn't seem to get it does he?

"what do you mean clueless"

Well mister clueless wimpy lvl 100 guy, why do you think you gained 100 hp from hitting those two monsters?

"Cause I'm total pawnage thanks to you, oh random voice in the sky"

That's not quite it mister wimpy clueless guy, I actually did nothing to you!
The reason is simply that the amount you stole from each monster was added together. Since you hit both of them, and stole 50 from each, you gained 100 total. If you were to hit 5 monsters at once you would have gained 50 from each of them and have been restored for 250!

"Oh I get it now Thanks for all the help mister floating voice in the sky. Will I ever see you again?"

I have better things to do then to stare at clueless wimpy lvl 100 guys you know.

"Well Until the next guide then"

Complex Math(skip2complex)

Thanks to a reader of my guide, I managed to notice a small oddity in the way the Hp/MP stolen is calculated.

When calculating how much you SHOULD get back, make sure that you you do the calculation on a per monster basis

I'll be using the data of the person who's trail actually allowed me to detect this.

He was a lvl 52 with a max HP of 2594, here is the data from his attack

Starting HP: 2241
Damage Dealt: 1459 to 3 monsters= 4377
Ending HP: 2370
Result: 129 HP gained
(3% of 4377 is 131.31)

Since he used the total damage done to calculate the hp he should receive (and came up with 131.31) his total came out incorrect.
Mathematically speaking 131.31 is completely correct, so why did he only gain 129 hp?

At first this had me stumped but when I broke the check down monster per monster I finally figured out what went wrong

Taking 3% of 1459 (since he wore only a 3% vamp ring with a single +30 extender) you come up with 43.77. After gaining the total per monster you MUST round down, making the total 43 per monster. Finally, take 43 and multiply by the total monsters hit (which was 3) and you come up with the actual amount gained....129.

In short the calculations are done on a per monster basis, at which point the total per monster is rounded down and finally added for the end result.